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How to Store Dry Cat Food

How to Store Dry Cat Food?

If you are a cat lover, you need to know how to store dry cat food at home. The freshness of the dry cat food for your feline friend is very important. This freshness is connected with the way of storing. Storing ensures the freshness and quality of dry cat food. It also has an impact on the taste. If the dry cat food is not properly stored, it will degrade the quality of food including the infestation of bacteria, spoilage, bad odor and many more. For keeping the dry cat food stored properly you should follow the followings:

  • Keep them in a cool and dry place. The storing place should be dry also. The temperature should not exceed 380 The higher temperature denatures the protein and degrade the vitamins available in the dry cat food. Try to keep them in the toy food locker or pantry, where you can control the temperature.
  • Store with the original package. The original package is made in such a way that it can contain all the necessary characters of that dry cat food stored intact. When storing in other plastic bag or plastic container they destroy the characteristic odors od the food. While keeping the food within the bag or package, fold the top of the pack so that it becomes impermeable and helps to keep the food fresh. Also keeping the pack will help you remember and know all the details about the food that is written on the pack.
  • Store the pack inside a container which can be sealed. If you are storing the food in a plastic container, then store it with the pack. But if you want to store without the pack, store the dry cat food in a metal container. By this, the food will be saved from infestation and bad odor as well.
  • Save your dry cat food from air and humidity. It increases the chance of salmonellosis.
  • Never store dry cat food in direct sunlight or heat.
  • Throw away the food immediately after crossing expiration date.
  • Keep the new and old dry cat food separated.


The secret of a healthy and happy cat is the fresh dry cat food. So, knowing how to store the dry cat food and how to keep it fresh is very important.

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