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How to Soften Dry Cat Food

How to Soften Dry Cat Food?

Your pets sure love dry cat food a lot. But not always. Here, we are providing the best tips on how to soften dry cat food. When they are too little it’s hard for them to swallow. Sometimes the dry kibbles hurt the gum and the teeth of the pet. So this is a fairly good idea to make the dry cat food soft and help your little kitty to eat. Softening the dry food can be critical due to the transitioning mechanism from dry to moist or semi-moist.

Most people might think that adding water is the easiest way to soften the dry cat food. But be careful about what you do. Don’t do that. Doing that you will be risking salmonella attack. Soaking in water for a longer period than 20 minutes can affect the food with bacteria and harm the health of your loved one.

So, what you do is, soak your dry cat food in warm water for a certain period of time. To soften the dry cat food properly keep in mind the following facts:

  • Water temperature: Water temperature should be in a warmer state. It can be above 930 This is warm water.
  • Water amount: Add a ¼ amount of warm water.
  • Soaking time: This is a critical point. Because the longer it will soak the more it will be softer and it will become more full. But if it is kept that way too long the dry food will be softer than need and your cat won’t eat as if it got rained off.

The hotter the water is, the faster the softening is done.

The soaking is also depended on how hard the kibbles are.

The ideal soaking time is 5-6 minutes.

  • Rinsing and draining: keep the dry kibbles I water and pick them up to rinse off the extra water, otherwise, it will become mushy.

but always remember to use the soften dry cat food as soon as possible. You can use chicken broth instead of warm water but remember to avoid sugar because cats don’t react well with that extra amount of sodium.

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