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How to Select the Best Dry Food for Senior Cat?

How to Select the Best Dry Food for Senior Cat?

Having a senior cat around is fun, but at the same time worrying too. With age, the dietary need for a senior cat changes and he needs more attention and extra care. So as a parent, you need to find the best dry food for your senior cat. Although there’s no exact age range, but most of the veterinarians suggest to start feeding senior cat food from the age of 7. So, how do you know which is the best dry cat food for your senior cat? Let’s see.

  • Senior cats get gradually unable to digest and absorb fat. That means the food must be formulated with easy digesting fat so that they can have energy from them. So, check the ingredients or talk to the veterinarians about the fat.
  • High and advanced protein is irreplaceable. So make sure there is enough real protein from the meat source. No meat by-products or flavor should be added.
  • As with age, the activity level decreases, overweight or underweight becomes a problem for them. Keeping this in mind you should check the calorie level of the food you are going to buy.
  • Depending on health issues the food should be chosen. At this as, a lot of problems may occur. You should choose the best dry food for your senior cat according to the health need such as-

Weight loss formula for obese cat

Sensitive stomach formula for the cat with digestion issue

Selected ingredients formula for cats having the allergy to the specific ingredient

UTI formula for infected cat

Hairball formula for affected cat

  • Check if the dry cat food has been certified by The Association of American Feed Control Officials or AAFCO. This association regulates the rules and regulations about producing safe and healthy dry food for your cat.
  • Brand value is also to keep in mind. Because it is obvious that non-branded dry food will do no good as the branded will do.
  • Always buy from the trusted seller.

A senior cat is difficult altogether but if he has any health issue that becomes more difficult. But you can easily avoid that situation by choosing the best dry cat food for senior cats.

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