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How Can I Encourage My Cat Eat Dry Food

How Can I Encourage My Cat to Eat Dry Food?

How Can I Encourage My Cat to Eat Dry Food? Cats can be very picky and nosey about having food. Sometimes the transition from wet food to dry food can be very hard. Finicky cats really test your patience. Although if your cat doesn’t eat means that he’s finicky. It could be a health issue. So, talk to your vet and make sure he’s okay. Then you can try some tricks and follow some rules to encourage your cat to eat dry food.

  • Generally, cats are solitary eater. They like to eat alone. So, it will be better to feed him alone. He might not be comfortable around other animals as they tend to snatch food. So get a separate space for him.
  • Introduce new food. New flavor and new taste might increase the appetite of your cat and also it will give him some freshness.
  • Stop overfeeding. Sometimes the parents think their cat is not getting enough food. So with filled stomach, a cat does not want to eat. Be careful about that.
  • Don’t feed in a large amount. Rather feed your cat in the smaller portion at a smaller break. It will encourage them to eat.
  • Add something tasty other than the food they are eating. Adding some vitamin powder or sprinkling something like bonito flakes will definitely cheer up your cat.
  • Sometimes you may need to be tough on him. Don’t give him anything for a time. When he is extremely hungry, he is bound to eat whatever you give him. But don’t stretch the time much longer or it can harm your pet physically.
  • Wet the dry kibbles a bit. Transitioning from wet to dry food may be little uncomfortable for cats. Wet kibbles will be easy to swallow. But always remember that it is forbidden to keep the dry food wet for more than 20 minutes as it increases the chance of bacterial growth.
  • Put some toys or dun things around the feeding place to make them joyful and happy. With a happy mind, they tend to eat more.


Most of all, make your cat feel comfortable and give them your full attention. This will make them feel safe and happy which will help them eat healthily and be healthy.

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